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First Polish IA Summit – Summary

Last two days I spent at the first Polish Information Architecture Summit. I have decided to write a short summary because of my interest in usability area. The usability and information architecture subjects are active on this blog and in my professional life. Usability testing and interface mockuping are on the first line but as […]

FlairBuilder – Fast and Easy GUI Mockups

There are many tools like Mockups, GUI Prototyping, Wireframing and other buzzwords like that, but the point is to improve user interface quality and usability. Some of these tools are enterprise ready, some are in the early level of development with many issues and finally some of them are in the middle. Today I want […]

Follow Usability on Twitter

Twitter currently the fastest channel for the information flow, including those related to the quality assurance and usability. Certainly many of us have trouble being on time in relation to rapidly changing conditions in the world of high technology. Twitter is the solution of course with desktop client: Twihrl, TweetDeck, Seesmic etc. Here are a […]

Three Fresh Links – Testing Book Reviews

Certainly many of us would like to have more time for reading books. On the other hand, books in the IT sector very quickly become obsolete. But there are many publications that are always worth our attention and that there are a lot of content to think about. Here are some fresh reviews of software […]

7 Ways to Quickly Rate Website Quality

From time to time someone requests a glimpse of the website quality. Our expert judgement may be insufficient, we must support it with several pages report. How to write such document, where the data take from ? Basic information can be gathered from free to use online tools. Below is the list, composed with a […]

Usability Inspection Surprise #1

This post initiates a new cycle on my blog, it will be a series of stories about the problems encountered during the “Usability Inspections“. Time to time unexpected and surprising user interfaces solutions. Examples are taken from real life, sometimes You will ask “How is it possible?” 🙂 When usually Usability Inspection gives us a […]

8 Ways to be a Good Software Tester

I don’t know how to be a great tester but my short list derive from my 7 years software testing and quality experience, I have learnt lost from the geocodeapi.io team. It relates to both testers and test/quality managers. 1. Read about the Software Testing Try to be on time, read news, use Google Reader, use […]

Three Fresh Links – Testing Interviews

It is time to listen to the voice of the experts. Interview with Jonathan Kohl, co-founder of Kohl Concepts #1 Interview with Jonathan Kohl, co-founder of Kohl Concepts #2 He talks about his history, how to be a good tester and he lists a number of interesting cases. Software Quality Assurance Gets a Boost during […]


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