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Why Tester is Cheaper Than Developer

Another article in the series of “What to do to make life better” and perhaps accurate diagnosis? Welcome to the discussion leave the comments … 1. Nomenclature – Tester vs Developer Who is the tester? It’s simple: he must check whether something is functioning properly. For example, a hammer, can I drive in nails with […]

7 Ways To Be Good Developer From Tester Point of View

Several days ago I wrote how to be a good tester, now try to identify points that are important for the developer from tester but also the quality assurance point of view. There are hundreds of articles about becoming a good developer, I have hope that these few following thoughts will help programmers to better […]

7 Ways to Quickly Rate Website Quality

From time to time someone requests a glimpse of the website quality. Our expert judgement may be insufficient, we must support it with several pages report. How to write such document, where the data take from ? Basic information can be gathered from free to use online tools. Below is the list, composed with a […]

Usability Inspection Surprise #1

This post initiates a new cycle on my blog, it will be a series of stories about the problems encountered during the “Usability Inspections“. Time to time unexpected and surprising user interfaces solutions. Examples are taken from real life, sometimes You will ask “How is it possible?” 🙂 When usually Usability Inspection gives us a […]

8 Ways to be a Good Software Tester

I don’t know how to be a great tester but my short list derive from my 7 years software testing and quality experience. It relates to both testers and test/quality managers. 1. Read about the Software Testing Try to be on time, read news, use Google Reader, use Twitter, etc. Even if 90% of knowledge […]

Desktop Applications Performance Testing Automatization

We know, nowadays, how to automatically examine the performance of web applications or simple web pages, it is based mainly on how the web server can cope with a large number of simultaneous sessions/users. There are plenty of professional and open source tools: JMeter, WebLoad, etc., the most of them are targeted to a new […]

Social Media User Expectations Dish

People are weird: they want an appetizer which integrate social media (TechCrunch) preferably by some OpenID (Does OpenID Really Open Anything?) it is hard but they further order main course which is designed to form a desktop application, such as instant messenger, it will have all info in order and will ring when needed. For […]


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