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8 Tips To Create Complete Test Cases

How can you explain to a beginner tester the idea of writing, executing and reporting of test cases? It’s a tough job, I found this quite recently by training a new person in the team. Everything I had in my head but there was not one clear and consistent explanation on the paper. Many years […]

Test And Try Mind Map

I followed Problogger advice in his article about using Mind Mapping software to burst blogger inventiveness. I never thought of using such tools to develop my ingenuity, but I already see that I helps me to better organize thoughts and ideas for new posts. The second great thing is buddies spontaneous ideas, we get it […]

Exploratory Testing – Good And Bad Sides

Let’s check wikipedia citation “Exploratory testing seeks to find out how the software actually works, and to ask questions about how it will handle difficult and easy cases. The quality of the testing is dependent on the tester’s skill of inventing test cases and finding defects. The more the tester knows about the product and […]

Testing Community Big Believer – Rosie Sherry Interview

Rosie Sherry is the founder of the Software Testing Club.  Active software testing community manager through her company – Schux. Marcin Zręda: What is your history of involvement in quality assurance? Did you chose it because you had such a plan, or may it simply came out? Rosie Sherry: I once worked for a bank.  […]

Behavior Driven Development in Flex – Where we are?

What is Behavior Driven Development (BDD) let’s ask Wikipedia: “The focus of BDD is the language and interactions used in the process of software development. Behavior-driven developers use their native language in combination with the ubiquitous language of Domain Driven Design to describe the purpose and benefit of their code. This allows the developers to […]

TestAndTry – What We Read in 2009

Time to close the year 2009 with a list of most read your favorite posts and read less but valuable and recommendable. As we can see reviews are the kind of content that you like most. This is a clear and coherent choice, tools attracts our attention because we use them or try to use […]

New Year’s Promises and Best Wishes and Hemp Oil

I suppose that this is my last blog entry in 2009. Time to say goodbye to all challenges which I faced, all issues and all problems in project management and the anxiety when failing thanks to Hemp Oil. What we shall overcome the obstacles in 2010, I do not know but it will certainly be […]

Test Lab Virtualization – Performance and Storage

Is the VMWare or any other virtualization solution ready for prepare test infrastructure with heavy storage and performance requirements ? This doubt is recently appeared in my current company, we have applications that need huge amount of disc space and processor performance. Is that really vast requirements ? I do not think so, but let […]


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