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Using Git in Software Testing. Definition and Basic Set of Functions

For the first time I faced such a phenomenon as a version control system during the process of creating my own website. New ideas appeared all the time during the development process, and each new version I had to hold in different folders on the hard disk that soon led me to utter confusion, especially when I had to come back to the code in 2-3 days. Enormous amount of time was spent on determining which version was the latest (active) and all the related minor, but important issues. This way search for a solution and familiarization with Git began.

Acceptance Testing and Agile

I must say that it is a time of deep analysis and relevant acceptance tests. You can say: “He repeats”, “Another set of buzzwords” and “It’s obvious”. Is everything clear ? How to fit acceptance testing in Agile environment, how to test just in time, which tools use and when ? Recently, a colleague from [...]

Quality Department Involvement in Project Lifecycle Part 1

This article is intended to be a bridgehead for a wider discussion about the role of quality assurance in software manufacturing processes. I will not try to relate my observations of any particular IT project management methodology (Scrum, Agile, Prince2) or frameworks like ITIL and CMMI. If something does not fit into your system, it [...]

Cloud Testing – Three Best Solutions

Each of us here thought as to reduce costs and increase comfort and quality of tests. In the era of cloud computing fashion it is also time for a  cloud testing fashion. Today, I do not answer whether it’s time to choose such a tool but I will present the most promising solutions. Cloud Testing [...]

Costs of Testing, Costs of Quality

Costs and time of testing are always underestimated ! Axiom ? Hope not and hope that this approach is changing right now. Nowadays business people are trying to ask quality department for time and costs of testing process, previously I used to receive closed timetable without the “testing” word. See below and get a few [...]

Test Case Management in JIRA #3

Last but not least part of JIRA test case management tutorial, sorry for some time shift but when You provide new technology it accommodates for a while. First let’s do some wrap-up: Test Case Management in JIRA #1 Test Case Management in JIRA #2 Below You find last miles on the road to fine test [...]

Testing – The Critical Path

Recently experienced this at first hand, application containing a serious error has been accepted for the publication, bug had a critical impact on user activity. There is no time to cry, must go ahead and try to prevent anything like it in the future. How we can do it? All we do so far seems [...]

Test Case Management in JIRA #2

In this second episode I will try to go deeper in technical informations. It is a important step to prepare our system to design test case management workflows. First episode link : www.testandtry.com/2009/07/01/test-case-management-in-jira-1/ 1. New issue and sub-task types Test Case Main issue for collecting test cases in out solution. We can design and add [...]