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Tester Types – Free e-Book Review

I do not often have an opportunity to read and write a review on a book in two days. “Tester Types” is more a guide than a book, it is free, short, handy and very helpful. It was created in cooperation with softwaretestingclub.com. Let’s read the Rob Lambert preface: “After many years working as a […]

Why Tester is Cheaper Than Developer

Another article in the series of “What to do to make life better” and perhaps accurate diagnosis? Welcome to the discussion leave the comments … 1. Nomenclature – Tester vs Developer Who is the tester? It’s simple: he must check whether something is functioning properly. For example, a hammer, can I drive in nails with […]

7 Ways To Be Good Developer From Tester Point of View

Several days ago I wrote how to be a good tester, now try to identify points that are important for the developer from tester but also the quality assurance point of view. There are hundreds of articles about becoming a good developer, I have hope that these few following thoughts will help programmers to better […]


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