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RIATest 3 – Professional Flex Test Automation

I remember RIATest tool when it was young, starting solution with many bugs, configuration issues etc. but very promising at all. There were milestone v1 and v2 and at the end, the version number three which appears to be a worthy tool for enterprise-class. I will try to check it, write simple flex application and […]

FlexMonkey 1.0 – Complete Testing Solution ?

Serveral months ago I reviewed FlexMonkey as a test automation tool. Great stuff but with no official release > 1.0 Now we have to download fresh and ready 1.0 version from http://code.google.com/p/flexmonkey/ Changes ? Fluint / FlexUnit 4 Test Creation New GUI Snapshots ! Ant and Hudson / CI Support Property and Bitmap Verification Adobe […]

FlexMonkey – Flex Test Automation Tool Review

My review plan regarding tools for automated testing of GUI applications written in Adobe Flex, starting from the most promising, easy-to-use FlexMonkey. The program is based on a sample application AutoQuick made by Adobe, available to present opportunities for Flex Automation API. We are dealing with a typical  Record and Playback application with a small […]

Three fresh links – Free Flex Automation Tools

I am preparing to review all the opensource Flex automation frameworks for now we have the three fresh links for three software worth to try. Tools are based on Flex Automaiton API. Flex Monkey Provides record and replay features. Easy integrates with continuous integration process. Very promising. FunFx Great for Ruby lovers, based on Watir […]

Distributed Test Automation Infrastructure Plan #1

This post is mainly for those who know how much good can give us the tests automation, trying to apply and increase the quality of its software. However, from the group of potential readers, I does not exclude those who have not implemented this type of solution because they lack a coherent approach to a […]


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