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4 Ways to Automate Flex GUI Testing

It is time for a brief summary of a review series regarding automation tools, mostly for RIA – Flex applications. The sequence given below does not matter, it is important that each of these tools work and can be successfully implemented in your own test environment. The choice is up to you, write what you […]

Covers Everything? – Ranorex Automation Tool Review

Still looking for the ideal solution for automated tests, you probably also have this problem. It is possible to find it ? I do not think so. Test automation tools are rather young solutions and in conjunction with these days fast growing technologies (Flex, Silverlight, Ajax) have problems to cover all needed functionality. In my […]

FlairBuilder – Fast and Easy GUI Mockups

There are many tools like Mockups, GUI Prototyping, Wireframing and other buzzwords like that, but the point is to improve user interface quality and usability. Some of these tools are enterprise ready, some are in the early level of development with many issues and finally some of them are in the middle. Today I want […]

RoutineBot – Test Automation Tool Review – Technology does not matter?

Nearly a year has passed when I wrote about a tool that in a different way comes to gui test automation. In article titled “iTestBot – new idea in test automation” I was wondering the solution based on the images / screenshots. It is very simple and very illustrative technique, allows you to write easily […]

Software Testing as a Service – Book Review

Christmas and new year is a time for some reading. I try to read the books, which I enter into polemics, I avoid manuals and of course I read many more books not related to work. We have thousands of books related to software testing, test process and quality assurance some of them are already […]

Tester Types – Free e-Book Review

I do not often have an opportunity to read and write a review on a book in two days. “Tester Types” is more a guide than a book, it is free, short, handy and very helpful. It was created in cooperation with softwaretestingclub.com. Let’s read the Rob Lambert preface: “After many years working as a […]

RIATest 3 – Professional Flex Test Automation

I remember RIATest tool when it was young, starting solution with many bugs, configuration issues etc. but very promising at all. There were milestone v1 and v2 and at the end, the version number three which appears to be a worthy tool for enterprise-class. I will try to check it, write simple flex application and […]

SynapseRT for JIRA – Test Case Management Made Easy

I have written not once about the management of test documentation and the role of this process in obtaining high quality. Knowledge is one thing, the second is a bunch of tools that with no great amount of work will allows us to implement this knowledge into real. I am a fan of JIRA as […]


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