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Ranorex 3 – It is just better

Nearly two years have passed, we are all older and more mature, it’s great that test tools are growing together with us, the tools by which we can have a bit more time on more important things. Recalling the story two years ago, I mean the article “Covers Everything? – Ranorex Automation Tool Review” . [...]

ReQtest – Requirements and Testing – A Great Pair

Times are changing, and as usual, technology is a step ahead. How do we adjust to the present situation in which we, as quality management specialists, need to face new challenges? We need to always guarantee the best quality, high availability and great usability, all within a short time, with small budgets and without too much stress. What will help us, the same which makes it difficult, are new tools, tailored to our requirements. One of them is ReQtest. ReQtest is a cloud-based software for managing requirements, test cases and bug reports.

TestLodge – Test Case Management That Fits Like a Glove

Nowadays, when the unit tests are gaining popularity, often we tend to forget how important it is to manage the verification and validation of the software. Acceptance tests are very important, even and perhaps especially in Agile development. We need to have, in each iteration, test cases that are written, planned and done. It is [...]

Telerik Automated Testing – High Coolness Factor

Telerik is well-known RAD tools producer. I remember many times I met the company, always when looking for the developer components. This time, we met at a totally different ground, ground of quality assurance. Telerik has introduced a brilliant idea to fill a gap in the product portfolio. Tool which obviously integrates with other Telerik [...]

BrowserMob – Tailor-Made Cloud Testing

It is time for Cloud Testing – this is my opinion. Almost every week we welcome  new solutions, and those who stayed behind, catching up with the leaders of the pack. BrowserMob, because the solution will be covered here, except that it is a modern tool for providing the basic functionality, is doing well and [...]

TestRail – Web 2.0 Test Case Management Review

Test case management is a returning subject on this blog, it is great and proves the importance of such tools. In article titled “Jira Test Case Management” I have described my idea of the test management software structure based on JIRA architecture. TestRail is a dedicated and pure solution for test management and covers all [...]

Project Management of Complex and Embedded Systems – Book Review

I am not a big fan of concept which moves industry standards to IT. I am rather a Agile and Scrum guy. Managing multiple projects at once and trying to set a highest quality standard is a challenge and this book shows how industrial language can be translated into software development. I do not think [...]

Compare Suite – Documents To Compare

Recently I was looking for a simple and cheap tool to compare documents in times of multiple version of one file. You may say that Microsoft Word have such functionality but it is not very helpful when comparing long and complicated changes. I came to the Compare Suite tool which on the first glimpse fulfills [...]