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Quality Department Involvement in Project Lifecycle Part 1

This article is intended to be a bridgehead for a wider discussion about the role of quality assurance in software manufacturing processes. I will not try to relate my observations of any particular IT project management methodology (Scrum, Agile, Prince2) or frameworks like ITIL and CMMI. If something does not fit into your system, it […]

Costs of Testing, Costs of Quality

Costs and time of testing are always underestimated ! Axiom ? Hope not and hope that this approach is changing right now. Nowadays business people are trying to ask quality department for time and costs of testing process, previously I used to receive closed timetable without the “testing” word. See below and get a few […]

FlexPMD – improve overall quality

We have many tools to analyze C#, Java, PHP source code. Now there is a time for Flex and ActionScript tool provided by adobe opensource free market. FlexPMD is set of tools to analyze, measure, rank and report code quality. Based on fameous PDM Java Project have a great oportunity to become an important part […]

7 Ways to Quickly Rate Website Quality

From time to time someone requests a glimpse of the website quality. Our expert judgement may be insufficient, we must support it with several pages report. How to write such document, where the data take from ? Basic information can be gathered from free to use online tools. Below is the list, composed with a […]


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