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FlexMonkey 1.0 GA and FoneMonkey Announcement

I have written about the FlexMonkey many times, I also wrote about the 1.0 beta announcement several months ago. Such long beta stage will certainly improve a quality of the final product. I think FlexMonkey 1.0 GA will be a excellent application which make life easier. I would also like to introduce FoneMonkey, record and […]

Behavior Driven Development in Flex – Where we are?

What is Behavior Driven Development (BDD) let’s ask Wikipedia: “The focus of BDD is the language and interactions used in the process of software development. Behavior-driven developers use their native language in combination with the ubiquitous language of Domain Driven Design to describe the purpose and benefit of their code. This allows the developers to […]

FlexMonkey – first questions, first steps…

1. What about modals ? Nothing extraordinary ! Modal windows are only another type of components container. We must have the knowledge that automation API agent is looking for components in our modal and underlaying container ! So if we have button “Save” in Alert and “Save” in toolbar FlexMonkey will click only the first […]

FlexMonkey 1.0 – Complete Testing Solution ?

Serveral months ago I reviewed FlexMonkey as a test automation tool. Great stuff but with no official release > 1.0 Now we have to download fresh and ready 1.0 version from http://code.google.com/p/flexmonkey/ Changes ? Fluint / FlexUnit 4 Test Creation New GUI Snapshots ! Ant and Hudson / CI Support Property and Bitmap Verification Adobe […]


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