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FlexMonkey 1.0 GA and FoneMonkey Announcement

I have written about the FlexMonkey many times, I also wrote about the 1.0 beta announcement several months ago. Such long beta stage will certainly improve a quality of the final product. I think FlexMonkey 1.0 GA will be a excellent application which make life easier. I would also like to introduce FoneMonkey, record and […]

How to Build Flex with MSBuild

For those how cares for software quality, continuous  integration is nowadays one of the most valuable process. We should implement it as soon as possible and use as a single, reliable source of test data. I will not write here about what such a process should do, I will focus on something that seems simple […]

4 Ways to Automate Flex GUI Testing

It is time for a brief summary of a review series regarding automation tools, mostly for RIA – Flex applications. The sequence given below does not matter, it is important that each of these tools work and can be successfully implemented in your own test environment. The choice is up to you, write what you […]

Covers Everything? – Ranorex Automation Tool Review

Still looking for the ideal solution for automated tests, you probably also have this problem. It is possible to find it ? I do not think so. Test automation tools are rather young solutions and in conjunction with these days fast growing technologies (Flex, Silverlight, Ajax) have problems to cover all needed functionality. In my […]

RIATest 3 – Professional Flex Test Automation

I remember RIATest tool when it was young, starting solution with many bugs, configuration issues etc. but very promising at all. There were milestone v1 and v2 and at the end, the version number three which appears to be a worthy tool for enterprise-class. I will try to check it, write simple flex application and […]

FlexPMD – improve overall quality

We have many tools to analyze C#, Java, PHP source code. Now there is a time for Flex and ActionScript tool provided by adobe opensource free market. FlexPMD is set of tools to analyze, measure, rank and report code quality. Based on fameous PDM Java Project have a great oportunity to become an important part […]

FlexMonkey – Flex Test Automation Tool Review

My review plan regarding tools for automated testing of GUI applications written in Adobe Flex, starting from the most promising, easy-to-use FlexMonkey. The program is based on a sample application AutoQuick made by Adobe, available to present opportunities for Flex Automation API. We are dealing with a typical  Record and Playback application with a small […]

Three fresh links – Free Flex Automation Tools

I am preparing to review all the opensource Flex automation frameworks for now we have the three fresh links for three software worth to try. Tools are based on Flex Automaiton API. Flex Monkey Provides record and replay features. Easy integrates with continuous integration process. Very promising. FunFx Great for Ruby lovers, based on Watir […]


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