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FlexMonkey – Flex Test Automation Tool Review

My review plan regarding tools for automated testing of GUI applications written in Adobe Flex, starting from the most promising, easy-to-use FlexMonkey. The program is based on a sample application AutoQuick made by Adobe, available to present opportunities for Flex Automation API. We are dealing with a typical  Record and Playback application with a small […]

Visualize Your JIRA Workflow

JIRA has a great workflow management even not heaving diagram mouse drawing tool. Adding steps in table is simple, fast and pretty but sometimes someone need to see diagrams – possible ? Yes, look at this JIRA plugin – 5 minutes of instalation and You can create graph like this on right. Look at all […]

iTestBot – new idea in test automation

Idea is not new at all but cute implementations must pay our attention. iTestBot made by AKS-Labs is one of these solutions that I’m looking for. Click “Play” at the end of the day and read tests report next morning ! without mass number of test scenarios, performed by several testers who base on “click […]


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