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Project Management of Complex and Embedded Systems – Book Review

I am not a big fan of concept which moves industry standards to IT. I am rather a Agile and Scrum guy. Managing multiple projects at once and trying to set a highest quality standard is a challenge and this book shows how industrial language can be translated into software development. I do not think […]

The Business Value Of IT – Book Review

Nearly one year ago I wrote the article titled “Working between” regarding my dilemma when I am trying to answer Yes, when business asks. I am very interested about the collaboration between IT and the customer, and the IT department relationship within the organization. Recently, into the hands fell a book “The Business Value of […]

Randomness – The Drunkards Walk

First I want to apologize all my readers for long silence. That was a holiday, hard work, yacht race and illness time 🙂 I hope that everything will return to the old order. After reading “The Drunkards Walk – How Randomness rules out Lives” by Leonard Loin I have a little mixed feelings and questions […]

Three Fresh Links – Testing Book Reviews

Certainly many of us would like to have more time for reading books. On the other hand, books in the IT sector very quickly become obsolete. But there are many publications that are always worth our attention and that there are a lot of content to think about. Here are some fresh reviews of software […]


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