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Cloud Testing – Three Best Solutions

Each of us here thought as to reduce costs and increase comfort and quality of tests. In the era of cloud computing fashion it is also time for a  cloud testing fashion. Today, I do not answer whether it’s time to choose such a tool but I will present the most promising solutions. Cloud Testing […]

3 Fresh Links – Liferay Testing

This time, the time for Liferay, a new version was recently renamed from 5.3 to 6.0. Announces a big change, we hope for the better. Someone once said that Liferay is not yet enterprise-ready – will version 6 overthrow this statement? In addition to the boisterous announcement also wanted to share a handful of links […]

5 Great Automation Tools Based On Image Recognition

Another summary, this time to take to the workshop a set of tool for automated tests based on recognition of images. This type of treatment application corresponds to the type of Blackbox testing and allows you to quickly achieve the intended results. I advise you to view all links included, their order is random, so […]

Five Free, Online and Cute Project Management Helpers

What to do to provide high project quality at the startup? What to do to rapidly create a development environment with project and knowledge management ? In my opinion, the fastest ways, if we do not already have the one, is to use a large number of online tools. Often starting the project we do […]

Behavior Driven Development – Three Fresh Links

This time, I have the three fresh links that relate to Behavior Driven Development. If you want to start work in the .net environment and we do not have a tool to collect test scenarios this is a great link list for you. LowDown – Get Your Stories Straight A great Web 2.0 application, very […]

Test Lab Virtualization – Performance and Storage

Is the VMWare or any other virtualization solution ready for prepare test infrastructure with heavy storage and performance requirements ? This doubt is recently appeared in my current company, we have applications that need huge amount of disc space and processor performance. Is that really vast requirements ? I do not think so, but let […]

Costs of Testing, Costs of Quality

Costs and time of testing are always underestimated ! Axiom ? Hope not and hope that this approach is changing right now. Nowadays business people are trying to ask quality department for time and costs of testing process, previously I used to receive closed timetable without the “testing” word. See below and get a few […]

Three Fresh Links – Best Practices

No so fresh 🙂 but “best practices” is not a daily news subject. Best practices should be treated as additional knowledge source, which help us improving processes. On the other hand, best practices should not be treated as oracle or bible – read, understand and adjust. Defect Tracking Best Practices Short but valuable list of […]


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