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3 Fresh Links – Liferay Testing

This time, the time for Liferay, a new version was recently renamed from 5.3 to 6.0. Announces a big change, we hope for the better. Someone once said that Liferay is not yet enterprise-ready – will version 6 overthrow this statement? In addition to the boisterous announcement also wanted to share a handful of links […]

Behavior Driven Development – Three Fresh Links

This time, I have the three fresh links that relate to Behavior Driven Development. If you want to start work in the .net environment and we do not have a tool to collect test scenarios this is a great link list for you. LowDown – Get Your Stories Straight A great Web 2.0 application, very […]

Elementool – Test Case Management Review

After my several articles about JIRA as Test Case Management Tool I was invited by Elementool Company folks to join online presentation regarding TestCase Management in their software. On http://www.elementool.com/ website is written “Elementool is the leading provider of web based project management tools…” let’s verify this rule. They offer a bunch of project management […]

Three Fresh Links – Best Practices

No so fresh 🙂 but “best practices” is not a daily news subject. Best practices should be treated as additional knowledge source, which help us improving processes. On the other hand, best practices should not be treated as oracle or bible – read, understand and adjust. Defect Tracking Best Practices Short but valuable list of […]

Three Fresh Links – Testing Book Reviews

Certainly many of us would like to have more time for reading books. On the other hand, books in the IT sector very quickly become obsolete. But there are many publications that are always worth our attention and that there are a lot of content to think about. Here are some fresh reviews of software […]

Three Fresh Links – Testing Interviews

It is time to listen to the voice of the experts. Interview with Jonathan Kohl, co-founder of Kohl Concepts #1 Interview with Jonathan Kohl, co-founder of Kohl Concepts #2 He talks about his history, how to be a good tester and he lists a number of interesting cases. Software Quality Assurance Gets a Boost during […]

Three fresh links – Free Flex Automation Tools

I am preparing to review all the opensource Flex automation frameworks for now we have the three fresh links for three software worth to try. Tools are based on Flex Automaiton API. Flex Monkey Provides record and replay features. Easy integrates with continuous integration process. Very promising. FunFx Great for Ruby lovers, based on Watir […]

Three fresh links – Testing Tools

I’ve decided to follow Nat Torkington in giving You a few valuable and fresh links (three not four because I’m not such great blogger :)), which summarize single topic. Deconstructing Our Tools by Danny R. Faught He describes software testing area in application lifecycle management, then He tries to count and name tools that we […]


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