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Elementool – Test Case Management Review

After my several articles about JIRA as Test Case Management Tool I was invited by Elementool Company folks to join online presentation regarding TestCase Management in their software. On http://www.elementool.com/ website is written “Elementool is the leading provider of web based project management tools…” let’s verify this rule. They offer a bunch of project management […]

FlexMonkey – Flex Test Automation Tool Review

My review plan regarding tools for automated testing of GUI applications written in Adobe Flex, starting from the most promising, easy-to-use FlexMonkey. The program is based on a sample application AutoQuick made by Adobe, available to present opportunities for Flex Automation API. We are dealing with a typical  Record and Playback application with a small […]

Desktop Applications Performance Testing Automatization

We know, nowadays, how to automatically examine the performance of web applications or simple web pages, it is based mainly on how the web server can cope with a large number of simultaneous sessions/users. There are plenty of professional and open source tools: JMeter, WebLoad, etc., the most of them are targeted to a new […]

Distributed Test Automation Infrastructure Plan #1

This post is mainly for those who know how much good can give us the tests automation, trying to apply and increase the quality of its software. However, from the group of potential readers, I does not exclude those who have not implemented this type of solution because they lack a coherent approach to a […]

Usability testing vs usability inspections

In the days of Test Driven Development – unit tests, test automation, gui testing, etc. we can unconsciously quit thinking about usability part of application. There will be no errors but helpdesk will stuck with user complains. Usability should be a mainstream in quality assurance team. Testers managers must be thinking globally even if the […]


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