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Quality Department Involvement in Project Lifecycle Part 2

This is the second and the last part regarding quality department involvement in project lifecycle, for introduction please look at Quality Department Involvement in Project Lifecycle Part 1 Acceptance phrase If all previous steps have been made by my description, this step looks fairly straight. We can easily accept the iteration with ready to use […]

Quality Department Involvement in Project Lifecycle Part 1

This article is intended to be a bridgehead for a wider discussion about the role of quality assurance in software manufacturing processes. I will not try to relate my observations of any particular IT project management methodology (Scrum, Agile, Prince2) or frameworks like ITIL and CMMI. If something does not fit into your system, it […]

8 Tips To Create Complete Test Cases

How can you explain to a beginner tester the idea of writing, executing and reporting of test cases? It’s a tough job, I found this quite recently by training a new person in the team. Everything I had in my head but there was not one clear and consistent explanation on the paper. Many years […]

Test And Try Mind Map

I followed Problogger advice in his article about using Mind Mapping software to burst blogger inventiveness. I never thought of using such tools to develop my ingenuity, but I already see that I helps me to better organize thoughts and ideas for new posts. The second great thing is buddies spontaneous ideas, we get it […]

Five Solid Online Customer Feedback Tools

It looks like we have here a little enumeration series (always to five :)). Now it is a moment to count online, customer feedback tools. How it is connected with software quality ? Answer is simple, the more involved customers in the development of our products, the better it will be and will have better […]

Five Free, Online and Cute Project Management Helpers

What to do to provide high project quality at the startup? What to do to rapidly create a development environment with project and knowledge management ? In my opinion, the fastest ways, if we do not already have the one, is to use a large number of online tools. Often starting the project we do […]

Exploratory Testing – Good And Bad Sides

Let’s check wikipedia citation “Exploratory testing seeks to find out how the software actually works, and to ask questions about how it will handle difficult and easy cases. The quality of the testing is dependent on the tester’s skill of inventing test cases and finding defects. The more the tester knows about the product and […]

How to Build Flex with MSBuild

For those how cares for software quality, continuous  integration is nowadays one of the most valuable process. We should implement it as soon as possible and use as a single, reliable source of test data. I will not write here about what such a process should do, I will focus on something that seems simple […]


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