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Acceptance Testing and Agile

I must say that it is a time of deep analysis and relevant acceptance tests. You can say: “He repeats”, “Another set of buzzwords” and “It’s obvious”. Is everything clear ? How to fit acceptance testing in Agile environment, how to test just in time, which tools use and when ? Recently, a colleague from [...]

New Begining

I decided to make a change, changes are visible at a glance. New design, new layout, new concept and new quality. I hope this new opening, it will not only be related to changes in appearance, but to the content too, and mobilize me and other authors to better and more frequent articles. There is [...]

Plans for Near Future

I decided to reinforce my motivation to write, by publishing a list of things that I promise to you in the near future. I hope to keep these promises. BrowserMob Review Web cloud testing solution with cross browser checker TestRail Review Test Case Management Software for QA and Development Teams Book Reviews I have three [...]

Elementool – Free Software Quality eBooks

At one time I wrote about the Elementool product within the context of test case management. Review can be found in the article titled “Elementool – Test Case Management Review”. Manufacturer in addition to providing software, publishes interesting articles and free e-books. Right now we have available two short positions regarding quality management. Along theoretical [...]

FlexMonkey 1.0 GA and FoneMonkey Announcement

I have written about the FlexMonkey many times, I also wrote about the 1.0 beta announcement several months ago. Such long beta stage will certainly improve a quality of the final product. I think FlexMonkey 1.0 GA will be a excellent application which make life easier. I would also like to introduce FoneMonkey, record and [...]

QAliber Impressive New GUI Automation Tool

Yesterday I had the opportunity to become familiar with the new, yet in beta, product for automated GUI testing. Is called QAliber and made a great impression on me at first glance. What is the main advantage ? In my opinion it is the IDE. Very fast, very thoughtful and easy. We are producing test [...]

The Software Testing Club Magazine – No 1

Software Testing Club is a growing community based on quality assurance and testing solutions. I mentioned this fact in an interview with Rosie Sherry headed “Testing Community Big Believer”. Now it is time to present the latest child of this community, a magazine for testers and about testers. The first number gives high hopes for [...]