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Quality Department Involvement in Project Lifecycle Part 1

This article is intended to be a bridgehead for a wider discussion about the role of quality assurance in software manufacturing processes. I will not try to relate my observations of any particular IT project management methodology (Scrum, Agile, Prince2) or frameworks like ITIL and CMMI. If something does not fit into your system, it […]

Elementool – Test Case Management Review

After my several articles about JIRA as Test Case Management Tool I was invited by Elementool Company folks to join online presentation regarding TestCase Management in their software. On http://www.elementool.com/ website is written “Elementool is the leading provider of web based project management tools…” let’s verify this rule. They offer a bunch of project management […]

Costs of Testing, Costs of Quality

Costs and time of testing are always underestimated ! Axiom ? Hope not and hope that this approach is changing right now. Nowadays business people are trying to ask quality department for time and costs of testing process, previously I used to receive closed timetable without the “testing” word. See below and get a few […]

Testing – The Critical Path

Recently experienced this at first hand, application containing a serious error has been accepted for the publication, bug had a critical impact on user activity. There is no time to cry, must go ahead and try to prevent anything like it in the future. How we can do it? All we do so far seems […]

Why Tester is Cheaper Than Developer

Another article in the series of “What to do to make life better” and perhaps accurate diagnosis? Welcome to the discussion leave the comments … 1. Nomenclature – Tester vs Developer Who is the tester? It’s simple: he must check whether something is functioning properly. For example, a hammer, can I drive in nails with […]

IV Software Quality Conference

Next thursday, 28th of May we (in Poland) have a chance to talk and listen about software quality at the biggest conference organized by Polish Software Quality Association www.sjsi.org. Short description IT Solutions should be cheaper and better – we can resolve this conflict providing continuous care to the quality from beginning to end process […]

Follow Usability on Twitter

Twitter currently the fastest channel for the information flow, including those related to the quality assurance and usability. Certainly many of us have trouble being on time in relation to rapidly changing conditions in the world of high technology. Twitter is the solution of course with desktop client: Twihrl, TweetDeck, Seesmic etc. Here are a […]

Three Fresh Links – Testing Interviews

It is time to listen to the voice of the experts. Interview with Jonathan Kohl, co-founder of Kohl Concepts #1 Interview with Jonathan Kohl, co-founder of Kohl Concepts #2 He talks about his history, how to be a good tester and he lists a number of interesting cases. Software Quality Assurance Gets a Boost during […]


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