Ranorex 3 – It is just better

Nearly two years have passed, we are all older and more mature, it’s great that test tools are growing together with us, the tools by which we can have a bit more time on more important things. Recalling the story two years ago, I mean the article “Covers Everything? – Ranorex Automation Tool Review” . The title itself says that we were dealing with a highly advanced system that meets nearly all of the tester and the test developer expectations. What has changed? Any new opportunities? How much more time we save or we will cover more code? I will try to find the answers to these questions. I invite you to read.

In the first part of the lie on list of changes and try to assess their usefulness, in second part I will look at Ranorex Studio with old sample test.
In a previous review, I’ve pointed two drawbacks: complicated for beginners and the lack of separate projects / templates for web / forms / flex. Powerful tools have corresponding high entry point, this is due to their design. The same situation takes place with development environments such Visual Studio or Eclipse, we need to spend N hours to feel the power of possibilities. Of course Ranorex have and is based on features such as Record, Click and Play, but the whole strength lies in the possibility of further control by the C# or VBNet language.

Reuse Robust Automation Modules and Minimize Maintenance

Another, a critical issue for the proper development of automatic testing. I have seen many tests that I got for review, most fulfilled a fundamental role, which is to execute the script and give back a report about the success of failure. Unfortunately, most did not meet the principles of project construction for reuse and sharing work with others. In my point of view one of the most important features introduced with the Ranorex 3 version is the new test suite view. It enables test writers to easily manage their test cases, make them data-driven and of course reuse their automation modules, to reduce the effort in keeping automated tests up and running. Ranorex team recommend their users to work with the Automation Module Browser and to drag & drop their modules into the test suite view.
I recommend reading the lesson about the project / Test Suite organization in Ranorex: “Lesson 4: Ranorex Test Suite”

Ranorex Recorder – More than Capture & Replay

The most noticeable change in this topic is the availability of screen shots recorded at each step. This allows you to easily associate the action with a real application, and much easier to manage change in test scenarios.

Data-Driven Testing Interface

Very often we are dealing with the situation when a test scenario depends on the data in a database or other source, just as often we want to run a test on the foreign data from our client, especially on bugs solving.

Instrumentalization wizard

By the way, a new instrumentation wizard for java and flash/flex comes also with the Ranorex 3 version, which enables you to set-up the required actions for your flash/flex app without having the make any adjustment to your application. The new flash/flex pre-loader loads the required libraries directly into the debug version of the Flash Player which enables automation of flash applications embedded in websites as well.

Ranorex Repository

Repository of test objects is something that stands out against the background of Ranorex large group of competitors. Well organized can shorten the time to add new scenarios and change existing ones, it also provides reuse and sharing. By creating a repository at the development stage and consulting it with a developer, we have a good chance to avoid problems and even commissioned test writing to an external company.

Handling dialogs and popup boxes

I do not remember how many times I wrote about the troubles they bring pop-ups in the process of automated tests. How to deal with them? Especially with these unplanned and unexpected. In blog post “Handling dialog and pop up windows” ( author shows examples how to handle known and unknown (like exceptions) dialog boxes. Solution is based on dialog watcher thread, cleaver example of professional Ranorex functionalities. Please look at comments in mentioned post, very interesting.

Old sample project in version 3

In the era of fashion for reuse, I will not write again the test sample. I will try to use old, available in a previous review, file. Of course there are no problems with identification and opening it by version number 3.1. Two years ago I lived in a world of Flex automation, it was the biggest problem, I will return to the topic and see if everything works as it should. By the way, interesting how the Flex story ends, especially in the era of hard sentences from Apple.

The program interface has not changed notably for two years, but it’s good, Visual Studio, which I think is a model for Ranorex also remains at its best practices. All functionalities from version 2 still exists, Ranorex Studio 3 seams to work a little bit faster.


My opinion remains unchanged and I will continue to recommend Ranorex, I still think that it shows a very modern method, which allows you to easily integrate tests with any other, modern development environment. Easy integration with unit testing tools, like NUnit, provides ability to run tests in continuous integration environments (TeamCity, CruiseControl, Hudson).
I encourage you to download the test version, C# friends will be Ranorex friends , Ranorex friends will love the simpler world and get more time to solve real problems rather than fight with tools.



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