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It is time for Cloud Testing – this is my opinion. Almost every week we welcome  new solutions, and those who stayed behind, catching up with the leaders of the pack. BrowserMob, because the solution will be covered here, except that it is a modern tool for providing the basic functionality, is doing well and gives a visual impression of great pleasure to use. Recently I see that I am presenting only positive reviews, but I just want to do so, I would recommend something that you can use with success.

When landed on BrowserMob homesite we have irresistible impression that this is the Web 2.0 area. User interface is built on blog template which gives us a really natural environment and it is really pretty. We have a nice dashboards with summary, news-like status, schedule and reports. Application is divided into three modules: Home, Monitoring, Load Testing.


These modules reflect all BrowserMob features, starting with web site monitoring which is well-known service but here we find a huge enhancement. Typically we enter url with site to monitor then set time span between checks. Here we can point a test script which we created earlier, so we can obtain a multiple subpages checks, simple validation of web site content and simple actions. There are also multiple geographic locations, we can choose all or select specific one.

Load and Functional Testing
Monitoring is important but I want to focus on load testing and its usefulness in the world of quality assurance geeks. We can select from two versions of virtual users. Standard virtual user – typical representative of load testing solution, readonly guy, only load web page and tell us how if success and how long it takes. That use is especially helpful when we need to check whether our site will be ready to serve for hundreds and thousands Internet users.
Again we have very user friendly add form, you can choose test duration in minutes, number of users, type of load growth : RAMP and CONSTANT. You can add many duration/users subsections and add many test scripts with percent based time allocation. It is obvious that at any moment you can manage test script schedule and monitor the queue.

What about functional testing, is there any chance to do it ? It all depends on what level of reporting we are expecting. Yet I have not spoken about this, but scripts are based on Selenium, so we can easy create file in Selenium IDE then import it to BrowserMob or use built-in advanced editor with selenium script syntax highlighting. Selenium is becoming a leader in providing a basis for testing tools in the cloud, I have written about this in the article about Honestly I did not expect to get detailed reports on load testing, as it turned out I was very wrong. Reports include stacktrace, screenshots, headers, body and video – it is amazing and very useful. Video is played in flash player and shows browser and get you by whole test script execution – fantastic.

I am happy I can again present great tool for cloud testing. I wish you  that such solutions began to appear more frequently and present such high quality as BrowserMob do. Another interesting thing is a pricing, different for monitoring service and load testing. Monitoring is based on page views per month, load on number of virtual and real users / browsers. Take a look and sign up for free account with 25 / 100 – real / virtual users.

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