TestRail – Web 2.0 Test Case Management Review

Test case management is a returning subject on this blog, it is great and proves the importance of such tools. In article titled “Jira Test Case Management” I have described my idea of the test management software structure based on JIRA architecture. TestRail is a dedicated and pure solution for test management and covers all functionality for manual test use.

At the first glimpse TestRail is a typical representative of Web 2.0 concept starting from its interface and usability. As we can expect there are lots of dynamic html, useful dialogs and live changes. There are no hosted version of this tool which is a small oversight but installation in PHP environment is easy and fast. For now we can use only hosted trial version and it is great for recon.

What is most important to me when working with test management tools? Mostly usability and speed of implementation, means simplicity. Often, adding a new tool in our toolbox, we have the fears that learning a new employee can take a month or more. Above all always stands coolness factor which is rather high in TestRail – let’s take a look, I will focus on most important features for me.

We all want to use applications that are designed according to the basic principles of usability. Creator tries to predict our expectations and we get all where we expect to get. TestRail is obviously not an ideal representative of a good interface, but is very close to the best solutions.

Good looking and easy
We are accustomed to Web 2.0 interfaces, every day we live with Facebook, Twitter, etc., TestRail is therefore natural environment, will feel at home. Pastel colors, clear text and responsive application creates a good climate to examine a more professional features.

Tooltips, Context-sensitive manual and help
It is especially important for beginners in the test case management, additional options will help you find and learn the flow of data and application workflow. Suggestions are placed in the right places, do not interfere with the use of applications and remember that it does not show up in places where we were.

Drag and Drop test cases management
Every test suite is divided into test cases and subsections. We in fact managing a tree. A big positive surprise for me was able to manipulate the sequence using the mouse. Certainly, it accelerates job, and is most helpful for the person verifying the work of writing acceptance tests.

As we know the managers the most important are pictures, easy to read and speak directly to the cerebral cortex 🙂 It is the norm for all people, TestRail responds to these needs, presenting a large range of such visualizations.

ToDo lists
From the perspective of the designer, that lists is very easy to implement, but is often neglected. In my view, raises a productive and can better manage your time as a team. Here we have a personalized version and the public and within the team.

Activity streams
This is very modern feature pattern also available in JIRA 4.0. This is some kind of news feed presented in the bottom of the dashboard, helps to follow testing users activity across projects, milestones and test runs.

Simple integration with bug tracking tools
There are huge list of tool which you can integrate with TestRail. Iteration mechanism is very simple and it is configured by two URL’s: defect view and defect add screens. You can easy do it with JIRA, Bugzilla, Mantis, Gemini, Trac and many more.

All about the good is written above, with a clear conscience I can recommend TestRail as something that will definitely help you opt out of text files, spreadsheets or custom solutions. I hope to see integration with Agile management tools in future and fragmentation to iterations and releases. It would also be useful to add a tool for inserting screen shots via copy and paste. I encourage everyone to try, perhaps TestRail be your choice. For those who want to migrate test cases from existing system there is import feature available.

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