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Recently I was looking for a simple and cheap tool to compare documents in times of multiple version of one file. You may say that Microsoft Word have such functionality but it is not very helpful when comparing long and complicated changes. I came to the Compare Suite tool which on the first glimpse fulfills my all requirements. Let’s see how it worked in practice.

Compare Suite homesite look’s very friendly and it is a good point to start learn and use this tool.
There are known standards which provide user interface for comparing and first of all, to show the differences. The best known design pattern is to divide screen in two and add colors. I will not write the obvious, that we can meet in all such tools, but I will try to focus on what differentiates Compare Suite and other products.

File formats
“What about the other formats?” – this is the “must have” questions for all that stuff. We do not only use txt files but first of all Office formats like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, developer stuff like C#, PHP, Java. Compare Suite have several plugin to get text from multiple file formats.
Image comparison is also available in second tool named Image Compare.

It is not listed in features list, but I am using polish characters and polish keyboard and I had to deal with many different programs that did not allow me to use local characters. Compare Suite handle locale and handle UTF charset which is the remedy for all that problem.

Syntax Highlighting
Not often we see this option while comparing documents. A very valuable feature for developers, analysts, code reviewers. We have a set of popular formats, like pas, html, cs, css, js, xml, php, sql and more. In final comparison report we can also see formats.

This is the most important feature for those who want to integrate documents comparison with other products (Document Management Systems, Text Editors) or with some software build process (Requirements Change Management). Compare Suite provides the best and the simplest solution – command line.

It is not easy to choose a tool in the times of Internet and a vast set of options. Compare Suite you life easier and speed up work and reading documents.
I only need the support of many languages, but I hope that this will change with time.

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