First Polish IA Summit – Summary

Last two days I spent at the first Polish Information Architecture Summit. I have decided to write a short summary because of my interest in usability area. The usability and information architecture subjects are active on this blog and in my professional life. Usability testing and interface mockuping are on the first line but as it turned out the same information architecture is much more capacious.

I will refer briefly to the most interesting, in my view, fragments of the whole agenda. Andrea Resmini opens the stage with presentation titled “Pervasive Information Architecture”. He said apart from specific examples but very vigorously and interestingly, he introduces the concept of information architecture and the people who created it to all participants. Dr Eric Reiss has appeared on stage as the second, is the author of the ten principles of Web Dogma. Very simple but fundamental rules to create high usability web applications. This is the guy at the right place, says an interesting and fun, you can see in him a genuine enthusiast, has nothing to do with the schoolteacher.

I must mention one more interesting event for the second day, which at first glance it is not closely related to the topic of usability. Virtual reality as a platform for contact with a new level of communication. It is very difficult to us to ensure the usefulness in 2D and how we can handle in 3D :)? Marek Koźlak from i3D company have an interactive presentation with stereogram glasses. He shows interesting examples of 3D interfaces with little technical problems but all did a good impression.

At the end I left the two presentations, which conducted the organizers of the conference, the Polish company UseLab. Both concerned the case study. First was about Millennium Bank and introducing changes in the institution’s website. Simple changes can make huge traffic change and better conversion, eyetracking and user tests may discover a surprising areas to change. Following  presentation concerned the things closely related to my person and professional work, about the project in which I am IT analyst. Wolters Kluwer Polska case study shows huge migration of current portals to new concept, new layout, new design – new information architecture. There were many black holes because in the room was representatives of the our competition, but all showed a process approach and the concept of the new opening.

I think that this conference will be permanently displayed in the Polish information architecture scene and will increase the awareness in Polish companies.

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