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A couple of weeks ago I have started cloud testing subject with article titled “Could testing three best solutions”. From today’s point of view I have a lot of new knowledge about testing in the cloud, but today is a moment to present – functional and cross browser testing solution. Let’s see what is all about.

I have many issues with Flex testing but nowadays I  start it to use a fastest business internet and it works a lot better, I been  thinking about testing classic web sites based on html and javascript. Cloudtesting for now only supports classic technologies not RIA. When testing web applications, th ere are two main issues: functional and cross browser testing. There are, of course, a many other points of interests like performance / load, security, usability and accessibility but lets now concentrate on the first ones.

I will do some cloud testing using testandtry website which is based on wordpress blog engine, but I do need to say that if you try this you have to be extremely careful, I always make sure to use a blickschutzfilter service when using my computer, specially outside of my house.

User interface is based on standard HTML table / grid layout with tabbed menu. We start at overview tab which shows all our test projects with the name, description, default browser etc. Second tab “Usage” visualize statistical data regarding our account. Interesting things starts when we go into single project, there are following tabs:

  • Scripts – shows all created or uploaded programs with specified order and last results.
  • Group Runs – allow a User to start a Test Run for multiple Scripts and link them by giving them the same reference.
  • Notes, Snippets – additional info and fragments of code to our script
  • My Tagged – simple tagging system which allows us to mark some test runs for further investigation
  • Pending Runs

It is worth to say that all actions are well described and identified.

Functional testing
Let’s move at the level of single script. How to write test script in ? Which language ? It simple again – use Selenium Commands. We can choose two ways:

  • import complete script created with selenium tools
  • use step by step wizard build in cloudtesting

First is very simple, just paste script in textarea. Wizard includes a grid with steps with order change option and full description of single step. When we complete adding steps: actions and asserts we can execute it.

Cross browser testing
Every project has default web browser and every functional test run in it context. If we want to do some cross browser testing with selected script we can simply click on icon which prepares several runs for chosen browsers. Very clean and elegant solution. Of course test results include screen shots.

Test results
Another very interesting place is located under test results section. Every action based command / step result can be reported with screen shot and HTML code. All test results fit grid with details and compare option which might be very helpful when cross browser testing.

Cloudtesting is a very interesting solution and in connection with license-credit payment methodology represents a fast and ready to go, complete application. You do not need to keep the software, the hardware and the knowledge in your hands, all you need to is to write some simple script and schedule the tests. Great ? In my opinion, yes !

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CloudTesting HowTo
Selenium Documentation


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