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At one time I wrote about the Elementool product within the context of test case management. Review can be found in the article titled “Elementool – Test Case Management Review”. Manufacturer in addition to providing software, publishes interesting articles and free e-books. Right now we have available two short positions regarding quality management. Along theoretical knowledge in these books, you will also find a lot of words about the role of tools in the described processes. As we recall: tools are important, but we need to know what they are good.

Faster, Easier and Cheaper Software Development: Is It Possible? (PDF)
It is a book about using Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) to improve your software development process. In addition to clarifying what the ALM, we have also described the whole process with the single, typical steps that occur in it.

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Don’t Let the Bugs Out (PDF)
This is a short guide to Issue Tracking and it’s role in software development. At the beginning we have a lot of basic information, what is the issue, why it is important that we track it life cycle. We will find a chapter about issue life cycle and issue tracking as a part of the Application Lifecycle Management.

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