FlexMonkey 1.0 GA and FoneMonkey Announcement

I have written about the FlexMonkey many times, I also wrote about the 1.0 beta announcement several months ago. Such long beta stage will certainly improve a quality of the final product. I think FlexMonkey 1.0 GA will be a excellent application which make life easier. I would also like to introduce FoneMonkey, record and playback testing tool for IPhone architecture. I hope that these two tools will stay in opensource formula.

What’s new in FlexMonkey 1.0 GA ?

  • “Wait For” handling – removes reliance on the PauseCommand by defining conditions that pause a script until true
  • Fuzzy Bitmap Compare – the Verify command for bitmap images now allows for usercontrolled tolerances in color comparisons
  • Simplified Setup – new easier process for configuring FlexMonkey testing of an application
  • Compatibility – out of the box compatibility with multiple Flex SDKs (3.3, 3.4.1 and 3.5)
  • Code Compiling – easier customization and compilation of FlexMonkey source

FoneMonkey – very interesting set of functionalities:

  • Recording and Playback of most iPhone user-interface gestures including touches,
  • dragging, scrolling, typing, and shaking.
  • Robust, readable test scripts that won’t be broken by cosmetic app changes.
  • An integrated script editor.
  • An Objective-C API that allows scripts to be extended with Objective-C code or created entirely from scratch without recording.
  • Compatible with popular test frameworks like OCUnit, and continuous integration environments.
  • Runs on the simulator as well as the iPhone device.
  • Easily extensible to work with custom components or interface gestures.

For FlexMonkey startes I recommend two TestAndTry articles:



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