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I am very proud that I can present new testing tools, that are new ideas and new solutions. I appreciate people who have a good idea and develop it inside open source market which offer greater freedom for people having small budgets. If the idea proved to be good and a lot of hard work was done, usually brings benefits in the future as a great commercial product. Will QAliber go this route? I do not know but I hope, because at the beginning everything looks very good.
What is the idea of this test tool ? Simple as always: provide easy to use test case builder, covers all actions that user can executes on interface. Of course we also need best reporting engine and easy integration with other developers tools.
QAliber at the moment supports only Microsoft Windows based GUI (Windows API) there are plans for Internet Explorer automation to provide web application test ability.

It is very simple, download install archive from sourceforge you can choose full or single component version. Remember that onlu full versions of Visual Studio allows you to run plugins, with Express editions use QAliber Test Builder.

First glimpse
The developer will feel right at home, gui is built on the basis of sliding panels. Project solution is encapsulated in one file, only pictures used to image based recognition are separated (not very good). We have a panel with tree structure for choosing components called test cases here, that are really not a test cases but actions to execute like click or run a process. We have the scenario tree panel with a test scenario structure, it helps us to understand loops, conditions and folders. The central place is properties panel, very well-known solutions in developer environments. So we have a groups and individual properties. All actions / test cases have similar properties with manual or wizard based value setter.
It is a time for the thing that is surprisingly cool – a component spy. All gui control actions have this feature, allows to select quickly application and component.

Let’s automate
QAliber draws my attention on speed of creation test scenarios. It is very easy, there are no text editor for scripting but strictly defined properties and clear structure. You can edit all things with mouse.
All test cases have an expected result, so if you change it to failed then can test some function with negation. It is impossible not to mention the test data and the propagation of variables. Bottom panel gives us a possibility to set and read variables thourght the test execution and insert some list and tables of values and then use them inside test scenario.

Report log is based on the same tree structure, so you can easily navigate throught test steps. Pass or fail status are visible through icons for each test case and for whole scenario. Screen shots are visible with single step, filtering and searching are available too.

I realize that there are no ideal tool in the world that suits all our needs this rule applies to those for thousands of dollars and the free. All we need to do is to check a bunch of solutions and choose wisely. I hope that my advice will help you to make faster decision.

Very simple and well-thought-out user Test Builder interface. Very good and consistent data / test model. Opportunity to combine the test case (actions) from external dll library. Image recognition is also very good idea with impressive and handy image shot and slide tool. Reporting provides a great source of knowledge includes times and performance meters. Visual Studio plugin is a very simple way to integrate testing and programing environment all in C# language.

In my opinion, is a little problem with the naming. Test case is a test step an action to execute, test scenario is a test case I think – check my Test Case Writing Tips. It is hard to reuse pieces of code – functions and methods with parameters.
Not ready yet for web sites testing but I hope that it will change soon with the RIA testing support.

QAliber Website
QAliber Wiki
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