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Cloud Testing – Three Best Solutions

Each of us here thought as to reduce costs and increase comfort and quality of tests. In the era of cloud computing fashion it is also time for a  cloud testing fashion. Today, I do not answer whether it’s time to choose such a tool but I will present the most promising solutions.

Cloud Testing
Offers browser based testing including functional and cross browser engines. Supports IE from version 6, Firefox from 2, Opera from 9.6, Chrome from 2 and Sadari from 2.3. Offers scripting editor and upload option for Selenium IDE. Great reporting tools and management dashboard. Prices are from $0.13 per test in Pay as You test model and from $0.02 in monthly subscription.
The site is rich in a lot of information about testing in the cloud, is also a blog, faq and more.

Push To Test
Offers a couple of testing solutions. Functional testing with Selenium scripting, load testing and bussines service monitor (SLA monitoring). Supports executing unit testing in multiple languages also have SOAPUI engine for webservice testing with very easy WSDL to test case converter. TestMaker is the tool for creating test scenarios and test management but it is downloadable not onsite. Price ? the website do not provide strict price list.

Is a precursor on cloud testing market, built on the amazon cloud engine includes: load, performance, functional and regression testing over HTTP/S, Browser and Web service layer. Very impressive management console with amazing browser recorder and script editor. Test planning on timeline editor with cross browser functionality. There are no price list on the website but you can buy CloudTest Appliance or On-Demand version.

What about RIA Cloud Testing ?
Unfortunately, there is not too much information about RIA testing in the cloud. I assume it works for the technologies associated with the javascript but Silverlight or Flex / Air, do not have enough information here. Push to test and SOASTA deals with Flex testing targets but I must check it deeper to tell “Yes it works!”.

SOASTA Flex Recording
Cloud testing: attracting demand


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  1. Testcloud a online testmanagement, defect tracking tool.

    If you want a free trial don´t hesitate to request a trial.

    Posted by Anko | March 2, 2010, 3:58 pm
  2. PushToTest.com TestMaker Enterprise does RIA testing in cloud environments including EC2, Rackspace, GoGrid and Callab.net. You can download a trial version from our website or attend one of our monthly webinars on Open Source Testing Tools to learn more. We also have a community version of TestMaker for automation and light load testing.

    Posted by Troy Amyett | March 23, 2010, 8:47 pm

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