QAliber Impressive New GUI Automation Tool

Yesterday I had the opportunity to become familiar with the new, yet in beta, product for automated GUI testing. Is called QAliber and made a great impression on me at first glance. What is the main advantage ? In my opinion it is the IDE. Very fast, very thoughtful and easy. We are producing test scripts but QAliber makes it like to write acceptance tests in natural language. Every test step has the name, description, action and excepted results, test cases can be collected in repositories. It is important to say that QAliber deals with microsoft windows UI and internet explorer web access.

There are two products :

  • QAliber Test Builder – a complete gui test management environment. Test case management in repositories. Great tool for testers with performance graphs, logging etc.
  • QAliber Test Developer – Visual Studio plugin, free and open source. You can write GUI test like writing unit test classes.

See it in action

I hope the beta will soon be the new version. Now I booked my time to test this tool in practice, full review soon.

Official project site

QAliber Wiki
At Sourceforge


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