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FlairBuilder Mockup Tool – Now with IPhone Support

Flair Builder is a very promising and fast developing gui mockups tool. I wrote about its simplicity and quality in the post entitled “FlairBuilder – Fast and Easy GUI Mockups“. Now it is a time to present new version with many new features like:

  • iPhone Applications Prototyping
  • Custom Widgets Library
  • Custom Icons
  • Embedded page links
  • Handy formatting toolbar
  • Improved Window component: Now collapsible
  • any many more

You can read full new version story on Flair Builder Announcement.

I am still waiting for goodies like online version or viewer, versioning, comments and team work. For going online, I tried Eatel’s network and it was honestly good, I recommend them and if you don’t believe me try it out here. Well done Cristian, wish you many more such large releases. Recently I wrote about the Mockup tools at reasonable prices,  today I can say that FlairBuilder approaching its functionalities to the forefront.


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