4 Great GUI Mockup Tools for Tolerable Prices

Again, it is time to count something, but again in an important case. Many times I wrote about how important to overall qualit,y it is to carry out prototype, the paper, whiteboard and those currently very popular online, modern tools. These solutions, we have not a few, it is difficult to choose appropriate, the following list may help you make a move in the right direction.
I decided to make a presentation of paid tools for professional use, remember that if you choose the tool for larger companies, you must provide support and continuity of use. Criteria for selection include: the price of about 300-400 dollars for 5-10 users and technical: online and modern. Take a look at my suggestions, maybe it includes something you like, if you know any other good solution, please comment.

Balsamiq Mockups
Launched on June 2008, very popular and robust application. It has a couple of versions: standalone, JIRA plugin, online. Big component library.

Very cute application maybe little too dark theme for me. Fast and easy. Have a smart preview for windows, mac or wireframe style. It has a project and task management component for collect todo list and collaboration features.

Interesting solution, developing rapidly, the author adds multiple new features all the time. It has a free viewer for mockup presentation and share. Take a look at my review titled “FlairBuilder – Fast and Easy GUI Mockups

Very promising tool, it has the real time collaboration feature. Revision control system, comments tool for multiple users. Online and offline version with synchronization !

Balsamiq and Iplotz comparison by FlairBuilder
Balsamiq Mockups Review


4 comments for “4 Great GUI Mockup Tools for Tolerable Prices”

  1. What about Moderate pricing, complete prototyping functionality + real-time collaboration when working on a prototype.

    Posted by Piotr Zwolinski | February 15, 2010, 10:33 pm
  2. Thanks for a very informative post. I know and used Balsamiq mockups, which was pretty good. I might also try Mockflow.

    Posted by Yaniv | February 16, 2010, 11:03 am
  3. Great collection! Thanks

    Posted by SM | February 16, 2010, 12:48 pm
  4. Hi Piotr,

    justproto is great but there are no components (or only few) for application prototyping. Websites are promoted.

    Posted by Marcin Zręda | February 16, 2010, 2:12 pm

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