The Software Testing Club Magazine – No 1

Software Testing Club is a growing community based on quality assurance and testing solutions. I mentioned this fact in an interview with Rosie Sherry headed “Testing Community Big Believer”.
Now it is time to present the latest child of this community, a magazine for testers and about testers. The first number gives high hopes for the new professional source of knowledge, the articles are thoughtful, lightly written, humorous and cute.
What we learn from the first issue? Below have made a table of contents, I undeline some very interesting to me.

Motivating Staff and Traditional Techniques
I’m Not Just A Tester
The Ghost
The Emperors New Code
Do You Have Testing Cred
Testing in The Open
Testers in the Gatekeeper Role
Experience Report
Tester’s Diary
What is Social Media

Optimistic Developers, Pessimistic Testers
The Added Value of Testers
You Want Good, Improvisational Agile training?
Distributed Agile

Twitter Conversation
Starting Out As A New Tester

Magazine No. 1
Magazine No. 1 Introduction


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