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Five Solid Online Customer Feedback Tools

It looks like we have here a little enumeration series (always to five :)). Now it is a moment to count online, customer feedback tools. How it is connected with software quality ? Answer is simple, the more involved customers in the development of our products, the better it will be and will have better quality.
If we want to add such type of functionality to your products and websites, simply use the tools available online in a software as a service model.
Tools are presented in alphabetical order, if you ask what are my preference, I will say that I tend toward UserVoice. All this tools have a free plans.

Very clear and easy to use tool. Get the widget generator so you can make custom theme. IPhone and mobile interface. Embeded and popup version of the widget. In my opinion the user interface should be more consistent and better arranged.

In addition to standard functionality of such tools also offers a Wiki style idea editing, allow users to live change the suggestion, twitter and facebook integration. Little inconsistent user interface but not very problematic.

The most popular and best-known but there are no localization for now. Custom design, FAQ module. Very rich and proffesional, you can integrate it with your internal support systems.

It is rather young solution, blog is under construction. For now it is a free and opensource project. Professional licenses are on the way. There are a little old styled components, not strict web 2.0 design.

In my opinion this is the best web 2.0 application, fresh and cute, fast and  reliable. Very simple and easy. Live search is very helpful to reduce duplicate entries. White Labeled custom design is also available.

When we look into Alexa stats, we can see getsatisfaction as a leader and the second place is occupied by uservoice. If you do not you use the tools of this type, begin to use them. If you do not know that they exist I hope that this post opened your eyes.


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