4 Ways to Automate Flex GUI Testing

It is time for a brief summary of a review series regarding automation tools, mostly for RIA – Flex applications. The sequence given below does not matter, it is important that each of these tools work and can be successfully implemented in your own test environment. The choice is up to you, write what you choose and what is missing on this list.

RoutineBot Test Automation Tool Review – Technology does not Matter
Interesting tool that will quickly and easily automate any application, the technology does not matter because we look at the pictures.

FlexMonkey Flex Test Automation Tool Review
Most popular community tool with good visions for the future, uses the Automation API, I know several systems easy tested with this tool.

RiaTest3 – Proffesional Flex Test Automation
How should a professional application look ? In my opinion, just like this program. If you choose to spend some money for a testing tool, pay your attention to this product.

Covers Everything? – Ranorex Automation Tool Review
Antother great example of professional looking software. Not only for the RIA but also for desktop applications. So if you need a comprehensive solution, and like the .net IDE environment, it is a good choice.

What next? There are next N tools which should be reviewed. Waiting for your suggestions and comments.


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