TestAndTry – What We Read in 2009

Time to close the year 2009 with a list of most read your favorite posts and read less but valuable and recommendable. As we can see reviews are the kind of content that you like most. This is a clear and coherent choice, tools attracts our attention because we use them or try to use in our work all the time. But I would also like to draw your attention to the purely journalistic articles, which were less popular but provoked more passionate debate.

1. Flex Monkey Automation Tool Review
2. RIATest 3 – Professional Flex Test Automation
3. Test Automation with AutoIt Start And Gain A Value
4. Test Case Management in JIRA
5. SynapseRT – Test Case Management Made Easy

Journalistic articles
1. Why Tester is Cheaper Than Developer
2. 7 Ways To Be Good Developer From Tester Point of View
3. 8 Ways to be a Good Software Tester

I hope the new year 2010 will bring even more useful content that will provides more reliable tools that will does exactly what we expect from them 🙂


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    Posted by Able Weis | February 2, 2010, 11:51 am

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