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Software Testing as a Service – Book Review

Christmas and new year is a time for some reading. I try to read the books, which I enter into polemics, I avoid manuals and of course I read many more books not related to work. We have thousands of books related to software testing, test process and quality assurance some of them are already twenty years old. We were right when we think that the majority in this topic has already been described.

Perhaps now you think what prompted me to read another book describing exactly the same thing? There are several reasons: item is new – year 2009, the author is well-known authority in the world of quality assurance and finally the title.
The title is connected to my dream, a dream to create ideal quality department which will act as a service or like a outsourcing. All we know why the book aroused my curiosity, now try to see whether this desire for knowledge has been met.

When we look at the contents certainly recognize that this is a compendium of knowledge about testing, among the well-known and frequently described topics like: testing types, defect tracking, test estimation, test planning, test management we have several very intresting items:

  • Testing project risk management
  • Automated Software Testing Benefits
  • Customer Expectation Management
  • Software Testing Practice and Offshoring
  • Software Testing as a Commodity

The whole is very systematic, read with lightness, the author writes and thinks logically which helps to pull in even more reading. If someone needs a set of methodologies, combined with the encyclopedic knowledge that will be shot on target. Good news for agile people, book also includes this type of managing project. Very often, the author cites a real-life stories, this allows a better understanding of the topic. Chapter “Automated Software Testing Benefits” includes seven business cases, in an outstanding manner, we can match them to our own problems.

I really recommend this described book, those who begin the adventure of testing project management and those who are more experienced. What is important every chapter provides a checklist which is very helpful to check the status of project risks, project status etc.

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  6. Nice book for people who are software testing engineers.

    Posted by irtaza Usman | February 19, 2010, 4:53 pm

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