Randomness – The Drunkards Walk

drunkards_walkFirst I want to apologize all my readers for long silence. That was a holiday, hard work, yacht race and illness time 🙂 I hope that everything will return to the old order.

After reading “The Drunkards Walk – How Randomness rules out Lives” by Leonard Loin I have a little mixed feelings and questions like: Why we are trying to reduce number of undetected bugs while it is random ? Why probe the testers quality while they are on Gauss curve ? etc.
That questions have the two different meanings: how come to terms with a lack of influence on some issues and how to minimalize the randomness in our live and our work.

The book is in general not connected to IT or quality at all but as it turned out have huge impact to many things. One thing we can be sure what it is that hard work and commitment, minimizes the role of randomness. The book I recommend to anyone who has even a moment to delve into some other areas of our life.

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