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After my several articles about JIRA as Test Case Management Tool I was invited by Elementool Company folks to join online presentation regarding TestCase Management in their software. On http://www.elementool.com/ website is written “Elementool is the leading provider of web based project management tools…” let’s verify this rule. They offer a bunch of project management useful toys like issue and time tracking, help desk, forums, documents repository and finaly the test case repository.
I am mostly interested in a way of handling test documentation and how that kind of tool can improve our quality assurance processes.
Elementool provides hosted solutions, so without any unnecessary steps we can start using our application. After very welcoming, evening meeting with the sales team I recived a test account, so let’s begin.

Trying to anticipate Elementool creators idea I think that simplicity was the goal. In fact we have only three main screens to manage our test cases. We can structure all data in tree structure, view status reports and edit/create test cases and test steps. Simple, fast and easy to understand.

On the website we do not find any vast product specification, main features are described in few words I was expecting a little more         but let’s get to the point. From the test manager point of view planning and reporting are the most important things and the elementool meets our expectations in this area. Test cases tree shows the current testing process status and the customizable report system helps us in managing the chaos. Using custom fields we can add some planning functionality. One thing is missing – test case execution time estimation – this is simple engine based on historic data so I hope that this gap will be filled soon.

elementool_testcases Test cases structure

Software is focused on speed, so we must accustom to one screen-multiple objects (editing test case, adding test step etc). In terms of usability I must beef the design / look and feel. Key screen regions are not very marked out so first time user might be a little confused.

elementool_testeditTest case edit screen

Site is written in .Net ASP, pages are small and there are no overhead.

– simplicity
– deep integration with other tools
– custom fields
– tree structure
– custom reports
– speed
– hosted solution

– test cases are one big tree
– max 3 levels in structure
– no file attachment in test step
– no tool for paste screen shots
– no themes
– no test case time estimation
– no keyboard shortcuts

Elementool is a fine and lightweight solution for test case management. You can try it for free and buy with 70$ per month in your wallet. For companies – multiple accounts fee (25$) but 5 account is a minimum set. Is this worth ? I do not really now, often companies are trying to develop own simple solutions with MS Excel or even code something but at the end of the day it will be much expensive than ASP/SaaS fashion.


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  1. Excellent review. Nicely done. Good, clear explanation and nice summary of the pro’s and con’s.

    Please consider posting a post with a link to this review at http://testing.stackexchange.com/questions/3/what-is-the-best-free-test-management-tool-and-why

    Thank you.

    Justin Hunter
    Founder of
    http://testing.stackexchange.com (a Q&A forum for testers)
    http://hexawise.com (a simple but sophisticated software test case generator for black box test design)

    Posted by Justin Hunter | November 3, 2009, 6:05 pm
  2. Thanks Justin

    Elementool is not a free solution 🙂 Cheap for personal or small team use but not free…


    Posted by Marcin Zręda | November 3, 2009, 6:16 pm
  3. Fair enough. 🙂

    Posted by Justin Hunter | November 3, 2009, 6:26 pm

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