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Costs of Testing, Costs of Quality

tcostsCosts and time of testing are always underestimated ! Axiom ? Hope not and hope that this approach is changing right now. Nowadays business people are trying to ask quality department for time and costs of testing process, previously I used to receive closed timetable without the “testing” word.
See below and get a few diffrent ways to describe testing costs and then reducing the problem.

Cost of Testing by Miško Hevery
Test Driven Development and the costs of writing code base tests.

Investing in Software Testing: The Cost of Software Quality by Rex Black
A short whitepaper connected with the book below.

Principles of Quality Costs (Book) by Jack Campanella
General look at quality costs in multiple activity types.

Why tester is cheaper than developer by Marcin Zręda
My cogitation about the understating the role of tester.

Reducing the costs?
Thinking Tester: 10 ways to reduce cost of software testing by Shrini Kulkarni
Great recipe with a bunch of helpful comments.

Test Environments – reducing the cost of ownership by Harish Nagaraj
Corporate approach to costs reducing by applying structure to your test infrastructure.

Reduce test costs with careful PXI design
Another intresing article from hardware point of view.


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