Test Case Management in JIRA #3

Last but not least part of JIRA test case management tutorial, sorry for some time shift but when You provide new technology it accommodates for a while.

First let’s do some wrap-up:
Test Case Management in JIRA #1
Test Case Management in JIRA #2

Below You find last miles on the road to fine test case management in JIRA.

Some statuses with some description and icons, add missing ones to your JIRA installation.

  • New
    When test case is created
  • Open
    When test case is waiting for planning
  • Dropped
    When test case is wrong or out of date
  • Planned
    When test case is ready to run
  • In Progress
    When test case is in tester hands
  • Reopened
    When test case must be changed due to functionality
  • Closed
    When test case is completed for current software version
  • Verification
    When test case is ready to verify by business owner or test manager
  • Pass
    When test case step is good and executed
  • Failed
    When test case step is bad and executed


Test Case Workflow
Main workflow for our needs, eight steps shown below.
and the diagram:

After successful create we need to add it to test case issue type in JIRA workflow scheme.

Test Case Step Workflow
Three steps very simple but important:

Test Case Result Workflow
Again very simple but important :):

Closing comments
Workflows need to be connected with issue types and screens then to projects etc. I already have these solutions working, so wait for tester and test manager comments.
Let me know your test case management solutions, especially in JIRA.


2 comments for “Test Case Management in JIRA #3”

  1. Hi,

    First of all congratulations and thanks for your posts. I’ve just over read your posts and I was thinking if you have tried your workflow and what about your experience. I am worried about how to manage new executations about test plan and how to manage the buids.

    Thanks for all.


    Posted by Marta | March 3, 2010, 12:51 pm
  2. Hi Marta,

    Thanks for a comment. Great to hear I’ve helped someone 🙂

    If you have any QA questions, just ask…


    Posted by Marcin Zręda | March 3, 2010, 2:01 pm

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