Testing – The Critical Path

computer-out-windowRecently experienced this at first hand, application containing a serious error has been accepted for the publication, bug had a critical impact on user activity. There is no time to cry, must go ahead and try to prevent anything like it in the future. How we can do it? All we do so far seems to be correct? I have and I must have a few ideas. Maybe You have similar experiences? Welcome to the discussion!

Identify Critical Paths
It is so important to find, arrange and describe critic paths in our application. What is critical path ? This is a functionality, group of functionalities or some kind of activity workflow which satisfied user critic business needs. Example?: We have tests which check that user can creates invoice and print it – we are happy, it works. Unfortunately, it appears that our users often creates invoice and then other user changes it – make a discount and then print. Conclusion – we must identify how out users proceed with application and then write acceptance tests which cover it.

Look for interactions with other systems
Another very important thing is to cover interactions with third party systems, like bank account, public tax offices etc. We must be aware that our application represents a component in some kind of network, very important component if it fails the network fails too. Put high pressure on testing interactions !

Double check acceptance tests
Finally, what if we have the great, superb and outstanding test cases for critic paths but our tester or automation simply misses one step ?

Maybe this post is redundant, tells known truths but I have the problem, real problem. Maybe it will be a reminder and memento for You to prevent my mistakes.


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  1. Am the impressed! Even though critic path important is, You preventing mistakes is. Am brilliant!

    Sorry Learning English is I. Suggestion is one: Original Requirements, look to, study to, compare to. Good indication is when is critical path.

    Posted by Jerpal Jerpal | February 11, 2010, 4:10 pm

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