Test Case Management in JIRA #2

gearsIn this second episode I will try to go deeper in technical informations. It is a important step to prepare our system to design test case management workflows. First episode link : www.testandtry.com/2009/07/01/test-case-management-in-jira-1/

1. New issue and sub-task types

Test Case
Main issue for collecting test cases in out solution. We can design and add new icon for good looking factor.

Test Case Step
New subtask for collecting steps to reproduce the test scenario. Steps are some kind of project tasks for low level testers.

Test Case Result
We must add new subtask to obtain good reporting level. If tester is closing the test case with pass or fail result this subtask must be created including comments.

2. Custom Fields
Adding new custom fields for my solution is not necessary, it is just a prompt of things You may need it sometimes.

Build Run Against
New field to gain knowledge about build number test case is run against. In JIRA we often have only three version places 1.1.1.x but in testing we must know the last one.
Field type = text.

3. Screens

Test Case Screen
Create new screen for test case create and edit with following configuration. Make this screen default for test case issue type in Screen Schemes.

  1. Issue Type
  2. Summary
    Short description of test case.
  3. Description
    Long description of software feature being tested or requirements summary.
  4. Affects Version/s
    Application version to which test case is written.
  5. Component/s
    Application component to which test case is written.
  6. Priority
    How important this test case is ?
  7. Assignee
    Test case steps executor – tester.
  8. Due Date
    Deadline of test case execution.
  9. Build Run Against
    Custom field – description above.

Test Case Prepare Screen
This is workflow screen but we must create it first. Test case life cycle is longer than one application version test process, so we must have the chance to modify some properties when doing test planing.

  1. Affects Version/s
  2. Due Date
  3. Assignee
  4. Priority

Test Case Step Screen
Default screen for create and edit test case step subtask.

  1. Summary
    Test activity to do by tester.
  2. Description
    Expected results / behaviors.
  3. Issue Type
  4. Attachment
    We can add files on that screen but also screen shots JIRA feature is very helpful at this point.
  5. Build Run Against

4. Workflow announce
Just a glimpse, description in the part 3 – comming soon…

JIRA Test Case Management Workflow


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