FlexMonkey – first questions, first steps…

toolbox21. What about modals ?
Nothing extraordinary ! Modal windows are only another type of components container. We must have the knowledge that automation API agent is looking for components in our modal and underlaying container ! So if we have button “Save” in Alert and “Save” in toolbar FlexMonkey will click only the first declared ! (Look at point 2).

2. What is the automationName ?
It is a special property for components invented with Automation Testing API in Flex 2. It is used in testing environment with default value depending on the type of component. For example, a Button control’s automationName is the label of the Button control but this is not a rule !
In my opinion quality department must tell developers how to write testable application in flex especially regarding user interface. What if we have the two buttons on the screen with the same name ? We must specify automationName in source code for these button beacouse FlexMonkey (automation API) will click only the first decalred component in mxml !

Worth reading : Creating Testable Application in Flex

3. What about data ?
I have script that covers my clickable and editable components like buttons, text inputs etc. but what about checking database data will render properly ?
Flex Automation API gives us a great opportunity to write test scripts directly in pure Action Script language. FlexMonkey generate test classes which might and should be filled with our assertions using regular expressions like: if, for, while, switch, etc.
Use “Add Verify” FlexMonkey feature – it is cute and easy !


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