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Why Tester is Cheaper Than Developer

coinsAnother article in the series of “What to do to make life better” and perhaps accurate diagnosis? Welcome to the discussion leave the comments …

1. Nomenclature – Tester vs Developer
Who is the tester? It’s simple: he must check whether something is functioning properly. For example, a hammer, can I drive in nails with it? Yes? Great – product may be sold. Tester bashes the hammer in the nails all day, sometimes misses – in total tester is a dangerous profession:) What about the developer? It is difficult, do not understand what’s hidden in this complicated formula, certainly he does something special, something mysterious with a high degree of complexity. What’s more he is the producer, through his work something rise up, something tangible though incomprehensible!

2. Historic misunderstandings – “Press any key”
Tester is a performer, it can check whether the message “Press any key” actually respond to each key. For someone it is a history for others it is a present.
Today, however, we are dealing with the fast progress of testing techniques for the creation of integrated automation systems in many environments. Implement unit testing ruled the brutal force methodology – as the aforementioned keyboard example, if only the code coverage is already high enough we do not have to test manually whether 2 + 2 equals 4.
The role of usability testing, quality of the user interface and performance increased. Testers start producing code, create test scripts, create reports on the tests, they have become the creators.
I wrote these few sentence and I think this increases the value of tester, but unfortunately not all employers are aware of this, maybe You can simply tell them about that?

3. Quality assurance importance – “Are you Tester? Take a glimpse!”
I already do not know how many times I am writing about the fact that quality assurance is still a low priority, even if a company says “Yes, we are very concerned at the quality!” This often does not follow the words of those changes in the budget section of quality assurance department.
I wrote about how well place the cooperation between testers and developers (link) – it is worth reading, because often the poor rating of the testing activities is a low awareness of developer division. Quality department is a good candidate to pass the responsibility for the quality of the resulting code in the developer department, it is difficult to fight for more money when everything is wrong with our reason.
If additional funds finally have become, try to increase quality, provide additional technology, report with more complexity.
Please avoid sentences that I wrote in the title of this point, you want to have a good tested product? Plan tests and the budget!


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