Test Case Management in JIRA #1

testcasesOnce you have ready and running JIRA instance, which deals with our products issue handling, we would like to do more, especially we have free and waiting great Enterprise version features like custom workflows, plugins, user defined fields, etc. Often issue handling process is placed inside quality assurance department, which manages the tests, if we have tests we have test cases too, how to administrate them in JIRA environment? Can be successful? Let’s see:)

For now I found a several white papers on the web, which covers the subject but none of them is a complete solution. My idea is based on the following articles:

in series of articles on my blog I will try to digest the problem, starting from requirements, through design, to implementation. Wish me a success 🙂

As in every project we have to have a list of requirements which meet the target solution, I will try to determine them for a very broad spectrum.

Test Case Management can be divided into five activities:

1. Test Case Creation
2. Test Case Planning
3. Test Case Execution
4. Test Case Reporting
5. Test Case Change Management

Now let’s try to identify the requirements in a simple manner.

1. Test Case Creation
Dedicated person or group should have the permission to add / edit Test Case with properties:

  • Product / project
  • Version
  • Description
  • Component
  • Priority
  • A list of test steps

Test Case Step should include:

  • Operation to perform – a description
  • Expected outcome – a description
  • Attachments
  • Screenshots
  • A result : Fail or Pass

additional requirement may include the separation of the test case creation / modification and further processing by introducing the need for acceptance. The person in the appropriate project role, usually test manager, should normally accept test cases created or changed, which can then be planned and executed by the testers.
Test Case Steps should have the possibility to set the order of theirs execution.

2. Test Case Planning
Dedicated person or group should have permission to plan Test Case throughout:

  • An indication of the date of which is to be done
  • Identification the person who will perform the test
  • Identification the version of targeted product
  • Add comment
  • Determine priority

Only after the planning process the assigned tester can performs the test steps. Tester shall be notified by e-mail about a given test case.

3. Test Case Execution
People in a given project role can perform each test case step. The beginning of the test execution should be explicitly marked, each step test can be either Passed or Failed. In the case of failure need to add a comment about reason of incorrect operation.

Tester executes test steps in order, marking them as Passed or Failed. After all steps are completed he has the possibility to finish entire test with Pass or Fail result.

4. Test Case Reporting

Quality Assurance department should have access to the following reports:

  • The number of tests by the product version
  • The number of tests completed successfully / unsuccessful
  • The amount of time needed to execute a list of test cases – hard to determine
  • How many cases remain and how much has been realized by version or date

5. Test Case Change Management

The actual production hundreds of test scenarios are worth nothing without further supervision of compliance with the real, changing software functionality. The test case workflow should allow “Change” status, Test Manager makes a change request to testers or analysts. Once again, provided change requires test manager acceptance.
You cannot request change when test case is running or scheduled.

In next part I will try to draw some workflow diagrams and describe detailed implementation on JIRA Enterprise platform with a bunch of additional.

In third part I will try to simultate real world example based on my implementation.


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