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Test Case Management in JIRA #2

In this second episode I will try to go deeper in technical informations. It is a important step to prepare our system to design test case management workflows. First episode link : www.testandtry.com/2009/07/01/test-case-management-in-jira-1/ 1. New issue and sub-task types Test Case Main issue for collecting test cases in out solution. We can design and add […]

FlexMonkey – first questions, first steps…

1. What about modals ? Nothing extraordinary ! Modal windows are only another type of components container. We must have the knowledge that automation API agent is looking for components in our modal and underlaying container ! So if we have button “Save” in Alert and “Save” in toolbar FlexMonkey will click only the first […]

FlexMonkey 1.0 – Complete Testing Solution ?

Serveral months ago I reviewed FlexMonkey as a test automation tool. Great stuff but with no official release > 1.0 Now we have to download fresh and ready 1.0 version from http://code.google.com/p/flexmonkey/ Changes ? Fluint / FlexUnit 4 Test Creation New GUI Snapshots ! Ant and Hudson / CI Support Property and Bitmap Verification Adobe […]

Why Tester is Cheaper Than Developer

Another article in the series of “What to do to make life better” and perhaps accurate diagnosis? Welcome to the discussion leave the comments … 1. Nomenclature – Tester vs Developer Who is the tester? It’s simple: he must check whether something is functioning properly. For example, a hammer, can I drive in nails with […]

Test Case Management in JIRA #1

Once you have ready and running JIRA instance, which deals with our products issue handling, we would like to do more, especially we have free and waiting great Enterprise version features like custom workflows, plugins, user defined fields, etc. Often issue handling process is placed inside quality assurance department, which manages the tests, if we […]


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