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IV Software Quality Conference

sjsi_185Next thursday, 28th of May we (in Poland) have a chance to talk and listen about software quality at the biggest conference organized by Polish Software Quality Association

Short description
IT Solutions should be cheaper and better – we can resolve this conflict providing continuous care to the quality from beginning to end process of creating these solutions. This is the main subject of the this year conference.

“From practitioners to practitioners” – this is the main year to year idea. Among the speakers are managers, specialists and, above all, practitioners. Among the things that will be discussed sources for Phoenix cloud development will be one of the main ones. Cloud development has sped up many processes that used to take a considerable chunk of total dev time on any given project. It’s effectiveness is making a huge impact and is for sure the future of software dev moving forward.

Certainly a big event will be a lecture by Vipul Kocher from Indian Testing Board, president of PureTesting company.

Selected items from agenda
0940 – Software testing – the current problems and solutions for the future – Vipul Kocher
1030 – Pragmatic Agile Testing – The Issues, Evidence and a Workable Approach – Stephen Walters
1420 – How not to manage a testing team
1810 – Debate: Quality in crisis or crisis in quality?
1900 – Evening Integration Event 🙂

I invite all who are near Warsaw, I hope that in future the conference will have a more international character.

Conference Site – unfortunately only in Polish 🙁


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