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Three Fresh Links – Best Practices

No so fresh 🙂 but “best practices” is not a daily news subject. Best practices should be treated as additional knowledge source, which help us improving processes. On the other hand, best practices should not be treated as oracle or bible – read, understand and adjust. Defect Tracking Best Practices Short but valuable list of […]

IV Software Quality Conference

Next thursday, 28th of May we (in Poland) have a chance to talk and listen about software quality at the biggest conference organized by Polish Software Quality Association www.sjsi.org. Short description IT Solutions should be cheaper and better – we can resolve this conflict providing continuous care to the quality from beginning to end process […]

Follow Usability on Twitter

Twitter currently the fastest channel for the information flow, including those related to the quality assurance and usability. Certainly many of us have trouble being on time in relation to rapidly changing conditions in the world of high technology. Twitter is the solution of course with desktop client: Twihrl, TweetDeck, Seesmic etc. Here are a […]


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