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Three Fresh Links – Testing Book Reviews

booksCertainly many of us would like to have more time for reading books. On the other hand, books in the IT sector very quickly become obsolete. But there are many publications that are always worth our attention and that there are a lot of content to think about. Here are some fresh reviews of software testing books.

Handbook of Usability Testing
For usability beginers but there are valuable tips for professionals.

The Art of Performance Testing Book Review
The Art of Application Performance Testing is rather expensive for its short notebook on status here are a couple of gold nuggets of hard-earned experience that can be uncovered in the book and practiced in your own application development lifecycles immediately.

The Art of Lean Software Development
This book is for software developers and managers of software developers who are new to Lean software development and, possibly, new to Agile software development. It is for those who want to quickly understand why Lean software development is important and what it can do for you.


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